My name is David Claesson and I’m the managing director here at LiteBreeze in Kochi. I’m from Sweden, but I’ve spent most of my time in India since 2004. LiteBreeze is now a team of 35+ employees and my responsibilities are:

  • To recruit the best developers we can find. I hire around 1% of applicants. We are very selective.
  • To coach and train staff. To ensure high service quality, user-friendly web and mobile applications, and clean scalable code.
  • To be a cultural bridge between our Western clients and Indian staff.
  • To develop efficient routines, processes and systems that allows staff to focus on delivering high quality web development services at reasonable cost.
  • To manage and retain talent. To listen to the needs of top talent. To offer top talent what they need to be happy at LiteBreeze in the long term.

The recruitment team and I have designed a strict and selective recruitment process. This is to match the high demands of our Western clients (predominantly Swedish). On top of having high quality standards in general, our clients are often IT specialists / architects / senior project leaders themselves.

I personally take the hiring decision on-site in India when it comes to all project leaders, web developers, web designers, app developers and other programmers.

My first visit to India was in 2004 and at the same time I set up a small office in Kochi. I owned two web-based businesses that I had founded back in Sweden. One was a web hosting business that had grown to 200+ clients spread across 10 dedicated servers. The other was a gaming website with 5000+ daily visitors.

Kochi (Cochin) is the financial capital of the Indian state of Kerala. I chose Kerala because the state is known to be perhaps India's most developed, most peaceful and most educated state. The cost level is low and there is good access to skilled labour. Kochi has long been an important port city and marketplace. It was in Kerala that Vasco da Gama first landed when he, as the first European, found the sea to India.

I built the software required for my two businesses myself using the PHP programming language. I developed the dynamic gaming website from scratch, as well as the CRM and sign up process for the web hosting business. I thereby gained valuable hands-on experience of programming that I later used to hire talented web developers for my new company. We still use PHP to this day, but through frameworks like Laravel.

I was 19 when visiting Kochi and India for the first time back in 2004. After my first nine month stint in India, I went back to Sweden in 2005 to get a business education. I was still visiting India every now and then. I returned to India full-time in 2007, to focus all my attention on LiteBreeze.

During the years I’ve filled various roles in the business. Early on I often had the role of PHP developer myself, later moving on to project management as the company grew. Today I’m not involved in day-to-day project management. Instead I invest my time in overall quality assurance, retention of top talent, recruitment, coaching, marketing and building smart internal business processes and systems.

What’s next?