We’re hiring a freelance web designer

Requirements and responsibilities

Update 17 October: this position is now filled.

Are you a highly skilled web designer that can produce world-class website designs? Apply for a freelance position with LiteBreeze today. We will pay you by the hour. We have much work available for the right person – tasks include:

  • Improving the existing design of our website including fonts, specific design elements and general consistency.
  • Apply new consistent design to the structure of our WordPress blog.
  • Create consistent design for our developer profiles (“CVs”).
  • Create consistent design for our back-end systems, ERP, staff panel, client portal etc.
  • Create consistently designed wallpaper graphics or our office. IBNLT a background that can be used for conference calls.

You only need to deliver the PSDs of your deliverables.

We prefer to use the same color scheme as already is used on our main website www.litebreeze.com and logo.

Current fonts need to change, perhaps something which is easier to read. Feel free to change the header section.

The design should look good on mobile as well, though we are not looking to put much effort into making the website very mobile-adapted during the first stage.

Website designs that we like. We are looking for a designer who can meet this level of quality expectation:

If you pass our screening process you will be selected as one of three final contenders. Your first paid job with us will be to provide a suggestion on an improved design for one of our landing pages: http://www.litebreeze.com/php-developers We will start with limited assignments of around 5-20 hours. The top performer will be selected as long-term partner.

Detailed custom graphics can be added to the website later. To start with, a neat structure and overall design is most important.

We like Pingdom’s drop-down and Postmark’s drop-down style. This will be used for the new Services navbar item. The bottom section of Insightly is also neat, though a bit too large/tall. Feel free to experiment!

LiteBreeze mainly focuses on complex web application development using PHP and Laravel. Our own web designers and WordPress developers are very occupied, hence we are looking for a freelancer.

Cover letter

Apply via http://jobs.litebreeze.com. Send us a cover letter answering the following:

  1. Send us your top two recent reference website projects (not more than two carefully selected ones please). Preferably similar in nature to the type of website that we are looking for. We might ask a reference from the website owners if you are selected.
  2. Can you convert your PSDs into top quality HTML (not mandatory)?
  3. Send us your public social media pages IBNLT LinkedIn and Twitter.
  4. Send us your full portfolio link.

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